Like some help? Check out our simple step-by-step guide to enrolling online ⤵️
Please note; at time of regsitration each student will be charged a yearly registration fee payable via credit card. Class fee’s will be invoiced and sent via email.

Step-by-step enrolment guide

  1. Select the venue location you wish to enrol ( if using mobile, please click the grey hamburger icon ≡ to reveal location )
  2. Select the class/es you wish to enrol in from the timetable, including siblings if enrolling multiple students.
  3. Continue to enrollment
  4. Enter primary parent details followed by students ( to add multiple students, hit save then add as directed ).
  5. Assign classes to student if entering multiple students.
  6. Review details and terms and conditions, then submit for processing.
  7. Enter credit card details to finalise payment.