Delivering a well-rounded dance education program that focuses on delivering safe dance practices. A studio that not only provides the foundational styles of Classical Ballet, Jazz, and Tap but also incorporates Acro dance, Cheerleading, and specialised Tiny Tot Ballet classes.

Classical Ballet ( Royal Academy of Dance )

Comprising intricate steps and elaborate poses, classical ballet is a discipline that teaches precision of movement, heightens body and muscular awareness, and is defined by a high level of grace and technique. Classical ballet is seen to be the foundation of all dance forms.

Providing both recreational and exam programs, each pathway allows students to learn this elegant dance form and structure. Aiming to develop dedicated students, classical ballet classes at NADC aid and encourages students to refine their skills through the teaching of set exercises and variations ( Royal Academy of Dance ).

NA Dance Company is a registered dance school and holds Registered Teaching Status with the Royal Academy of Dance.

Jazz ( Comdance )

Our Jazz classes provide an energetic and fun classroom environment that allows students to learn unique moves, intricate floor-work, leaps, and jumps, as well as quick spins and turns. Offering students the opportunity to showcase their own dance style and originality, giving them an opportunity to grow within their individual creativity.

Providing recreational classes and private tuition for competitions, Jazz classes allow students to explore this energetic dance form that aids in refining complex movements in an encouraging and positive classroom environment.

Tap ( Commence )

Tap is a rhythmic dance style that allows students to explore musicality and rhythm through movement and sound. Students often love this style of dance as the sound of the shoes allows them to feel directly involved in every aspect of the class and dance they learn.

Similar to ballet, tap dance is another engaging discipline aiding students to work towards goals and work for progression throughout their classes. Learning to refine the technical aspects of tap dance builds a sense of achievement within each student’s individual ability.


Lyrical dance strives to express poetic and emotive qualities through the combination of Jazz and Classical Ballet technique. Characterised by fluidity and grace, the dancer flows from one movement to another while connecting with their inner emotions while developing strength and articulation.

NADC provides a unique opportunity for students to study both Lyrical and Contemporary dance styles in the one class. Contemporary dance gives the student the opportunity to enhance their technique using abstract movement. Abandoning the traditional graceful, balletic movements, Contemporary dance allows the individual to freely experiment and create new movements and positions.