Parent Policy & Handbook

[ Updated JAN 2021 ]

“ Building healthy minds & self confidence through the art of dance.”


Welcome to

NA Dance Company has a strong focus on encouraging their students to achieve their dreams through a dedicated dance program that paths the way to building successful individuals inside and out of the dance studio. Together with strong parental / guardian support, we believe students will gain so much more from their dance program than just fun and fitness.

Supporting your child during their ti&me at NA Dance Company does not need to feel burdening or take up a lot of &me. We would love for you to remind your child from time to time that respect, attention and manners are key when attending dance classes, and leading by example is the best way to achieve this. We ask that you exercise your respect to all staff members of NADC at all times, as well as other family members and students. We believe that all members and staff have an equal place within the studio and by working together we stand as strong role models for our students.

We take pride on providing a dance studio environment that encourages all our members development throughout their &me at the studio, so building a strong support system within our community is vital.

Contents outline

A letter to our dancers

– Drop off / Pick up
– Inside the studio
– Attendance
– Injuries
– Complaints & concerns
– Communica&on
– Studio calendar
– Office hours & contact details


– Enrolment
– Fees & payments
– Withdrawal of membership – Uniforms
– Safety & Behaviour
– Social Media
– Privacy
– Copyright

Codes of Conduct

– Teachers
– Parents
– Students

A letter to
our dancers

Dance is a precious art form that allows the individual to express themselves emotionally through movement. We believe that it is important to understand and maintain respect for this in order to gain the most out of your classes and performance opportunities.

As you enter the studio each week, you are commiting yourself to a learning environment where you focus on developing your dance technique and skill. It is asked that you always come to class prepared, mentally & physically, even when you are having a “bad day”. Focus on yourself and allow the foundations of dance to uplight your soul.

Your teachers believe in you, and are committed to assisting and encouraging you to reach your very best. Respecting your teachers and fellow students is essential in contributing to a successful lesson. Look to understand that a correction is given from a place of care from your teachers and remember to thank your teachers when this is offered.

Our studio believes in a “can do” attitude and approach, as all students can achieve their own goals and dreams when placing their best foot forward. Listen to and utilise your teacher’s knowledge and experience each week and apply the discipline that dance provides to every aspect of life and you will become the best, happiest version of yourself.

We strongly believe you can achieve exceptional growth throughout our 2020 season.

All the best,
from your teachers.


Drop off / Pick up

For safety reasons please find a park and walk your child to and from the studio. Please ensure you cross roads with cau&on if you are unable to obtain a park close by and do not allow your children to run around the carpark or on the street. No student is enter or leave the studio without supervision.

Please be at the studio at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to your class star&ng and ensure the supervising adult signs the child in at the desk. Punctuality is an important lesson to teach children and we expect all class members ready and wai&ng when the teacher calls them in. Ensure your child has been to the toilet before their class starts.

If a student is to be lea un supervised by parent, they must remain within the foyer/wai&ng area and ensure they do not leave the premise without being signed out from the sheet at desk.

If a student is not toilet trained or comfortable taking themselves to the toilet then a parent must stay at the studio for the dura&on of their class.

Outside play areas may only be used with a surprising adult. No injury to child accused in the play areas will be the responsibility of NADC. All injuries must be reported to head teacher on duty at &me of incident.

If a parent is to be late picking their child up and is not able to arrange another parent to supervise their child un&l arrival, a text message must be send to 0425 373 006 sta&ng their child’s name and parents arrival &me
( approximate ).

Inside the studio

When arriving at the studio please encourage your child to start preparing for their classes ( puUng the correct shoes & uniform on etc ). Wai&ng areas are to be kept clean at all &mes and it is requested that all rubbish is disposed of or taken home.

Please do not allow for students to leave their bags in the middle of walk ways, ensuring if leaving in foyer they are tucked underneath a chair neatly. No bags are to be brought inside the dance studios, so it is advised not to leave valuables inside students bag. If student does have valuables, please bring in to class and leave on teachers desk. No phones are to be used inside the classroom unless for class choreography video reference.

For students aAending mul&ple classes and remaining at the studio we ask they spend their break &mes in the foyer quietly. The studio encourages these students to be u&lising their break &me for homework. Students found paying dangerous or loud games in the foyer will receive a wriAen warning of inappropriate behaviour conduct.

It is important to understand that we do not provide supervision for any student at the studio and who are not in a class.

Please do not use the foyer/wai&ng area as a change room. All changing must be done inside the designated bathroom areas. Observe male/female toilet signs and no parent is to enter the bathroom while another child is changing.

Personal Property
At no &me does NADC take responsibility for personal property. NADC does not own the premise in which classes are held and advises that these rooms may be used by other par&es at any given &me. If anything is lea and not seen by a staff member, NADC requests that you advise administra&on straight away and with our best effects will try to ensure lea item is s&ll there upon return to the studio. It is advised that items of value are not brought to the studio and that care is given when leaving the studio with all personal belongings.


Regular aAendance is class is expected of all scheduled classes. If a child is sick, please keep them at home and no&fy the studio via SMS 0425 373 006. Please do not aAempt to no&fy a teacher of student absence in another other form.

If a child is injured it is expected they will observe their lessons un&l the injury has been cleared by a medical professional. They can s&ll be learning whilst watching their class. No refund of class fee’s will be given for injury unless otherwise approved by the studio owner due to extreme circumstances.


NADC will not be held responsible or liable for any injury sustained by a student and/or personal property lost or damaged whilst under the instruc&on and/or supervision of our employees/volunteers.

All injuries incurred whilst at the studio must be reported to head teacher on duty and an indecent report must be filled out at the &me. In the case a parent is not present, communica&on will be aAempted with parent 1, 2 or emergency contact.

If an ambulance is deemed necessary, parent will be liable for any fee’s associated.

Complaints & concerns

If something is happening at the studio that you are not happy with, we need to know. It is important to keep a safe, posi&ve environment for our students to learn in.

We ask that you do not spend &me inside or out of the studio discussing with other parents, escala&ng the concern and involving others. Ven&ng on social media, or taking concerns into your own hands is deemed disrespecgul behaviour and your child may be withdrawn from the studio without no&ce and no refunds will be given.

The studio community is of vital importance and by conduc&ng any of the above men&oned, but not limited to, will impede on this.

If there are concerns about a teacher or employee of NADC, do not interrupt classes by demanding to speak to a teacher.

Please contact the studio owner via email or phone during office hours and preferably with 24 hours of any specific incident. See our contact sec&on to find our contact details.


NADC’s preferred method of communica&on is email or over the phone during office hours.

We discourage the use of SMS unless submiAed a student absence.

It is the responsibility of Parent 1 to ensure they are receiving all studio communica&on/newsleAers and updates. NADC will not accept any responsibility for missed communica&on. Always check your spam and immediately contact studio administra&on if you believe you have missed any invoices or communica&ons.

In our current ‘social media’ world we have found parents using other messenger plagorms to communicate, which is not acceptable.

It is against our terms and condi&ons to contact a teacher via social media messaging plagorms. Teachers personal phone numbers and email addresses are not to be obtained by any student or parent. Our staff are not allowed to communicate with students or parents via social media or personal mobile and doing so is a breach of contract. This is for all safety and wellbeing. Any communica&on must go through our administra&on or studio owner.

If your child is of an age where they require informa&on sent to them, please ensure their email address is given to the office.

Think Smart Portal ( access to accounts )
Please go to the APP store and download Think Smart Portal. Our dance school’s code is VG7K3CCU.
🔗 bit.ly/ThinkSmartPortal

Band ( studio communica@on, similar to Facebook )
Please go to the APP store and download the Band app. All newsleAers & class videos will be posted here. Parents are able to communicate in class chat groups, monitored by administra&on.
🔗 band.us/band/77709563#

Studio calendar

Term dates ( 2021 )

Proposed Showcase Date ( 2021 )

Both Showcases Saturday 4th December 2021
Showcase Photo day 20th ( C ) & 21st ( HG ) November 2021
Showcase Rehearsal day 26th ( C ) & 28th ( HG ) November 2021

Studio Events ( 2020 )

Please save these dates in your calendar, details to be released in due course.

Term 1, 2 & 3 Wk 3 – Bring a Sibling week
Term 1, 2 & 3 Wk 5 – Bring a Friend week


Each Term Wk 3 – Payments due
Term 2 Wk 10 – Costume deposits due
Term 4 Wk 1 – Final showcase fees due


Each Term Wk 2 & 7

Access our full calendar or add to your phone by visiting:

🔗 nadanceco.com.au/calendar

Please keep an eye on studio newsletters for finalised dates and details inc. times and costing.

NO CLASSES – Classes will be rescheduled and advised as confirmed.

Office hours & contact details

Office hours
Mon – Thu
9am – 12pm

Studio Owner
Naomi Roberts

Absence of class
Please SMS 0425 373 006

Accounts or general enquiries




Enrolment with NADC is annual. Each student is required to pay a yearly registration fee, along with outlined class fees and showcase costs ( to be advised throughout the year ) by due date set.

As a member of NADC, all parents and students are required to uphold any code of conduct outlined and excepted to demonstration respect for all at all times.

Fees & payments

All staff members of NADC are paid employees or individuals. This is important for our members to know in order to hold respect for all fees and charges outlined.

It is important to respect all due dates stipulated for invoices and payments of uniforms in order for the studio business to continually run throughout the year. Late fee’s will be incurred when an invoice because over due or a payment plan has not been met. 

We charge class fees and membership fees per term and payments are non-refundable, no exceptions.

If a class has not met enrolments numbers required to run, a class may be terminated. NADC also reserves the right to refuse entry to class if a student’s fees have not been finalised.

Payment methods

Term invoice fees may be paid with Credit Card or Direct Debit via our ThinkSmart portal. Processing fee’s do apply and is payable by customer.

Auto-direct debit is also available via ThinkSmart portal. Please speak with administration in order to set up. Payments by studio will be processed either per term or weekly, depending on agreement made. Processing fee’s do apply and is payable by customer.

Direct bank transfer is available free of processing fees.

NA Dance Company
BSB 802298
Acc 100096818

( Please include invoice no. as reference )

In person. Cash is our least preferred method of payment. If paying with cash, please ensure you include correct amount and place inside an envelope with child’s name and invoice no. written on the front. NADC is not responsible for any miss understanding regarding cash payments.

Late fee’s

Any invoice deemed over due will incur a $10.00 administration fee per week until the invoice is paid. This is non negotiable.

Payment plans

If you require a payment plan, you must request in writing and be approved by administration. All payment plans will be setup via direct debit ( credit card or bank account ) and all processing fee’s will be payable by customer.

Early bird discounts

5% discount of invoice applies to those paying in full prior to the 1st day of each term ( date indicated on invoice ). Once this date has past, you will be required to pay full amount. Direct debits and weekly payment plans will not be included in our early bird discount.

Active & Creative Kids vouchers

NADC is an approved Active & Creative kid provider. The processing time of vouchers for administration is significant and thus it is asked that you submit all vouchers via web form;

TO CLAIM VOUCHERS → bit.ly/nadc-vouchers

If a voucher is being used to obtain our 5% early bird discount, voucher must be submitted no later than 5 days before cut-off due date. Any vouchers receive after this time will not be used for early bird discount.

Due dates

All fees are due week 3 of each term. For new students starting mid-term, your fee’s will be due within 3 weeks of registration. All registration fees must be paid at time of registration. 

Showcase deposits are due by week 10 of Term 2 and full remaining amounts by week 1 of Term 4. 

Withdrawal of membership

All members enrol in classes for the full calendar year, however have a right to withdraw at any time within reason.

To withdraw from membership, **4 weeks** written notice must be received before withdrawal from the following term will be accepted. No part class fee’s will be refunded and direct debits will only cease upon receipt of notice.

Any withstanding amounts must be paid and will be subject to late fee’s outlined above. The parent will be responsible for any debt recovery costs incurred during this process.

NADC reserves the right to withdraw a student from their membership as they see fit, and no refunds will be given.


All students to are to wear correct uniform, shoes and take pride in your grooming. Class uniform creates a sense of unity, respect and pride for all and so it is expected our students adhere to this.

Uniforms can be purchased from the studio or our preferred supplier Anything Dance. Some uniforms are custom made and thus are subject to purchasing requirements and delivery dates.

Orders can be made from;

🔗 nadanceco.com.au/uniforms 

and must be paid in full before orders are purchased by NADC.

Safety & Behaviour

Positive Attitudes

At NADC we encourage all students to have a positive attitude to class and to the studio in general. Bringing a positive attitude shows a sense of pride in the student and in the NADC community and will contribute to the well being and safe dance practices learnt by the students. 

It is expected that both students and parents show the upmost respect to the teacher on hand, especially if a guest teacher is present. All teachers employed by NADC hold respective qualifications for the industry and should be respected on the same level as the Principal teacher. 

If students and parents are attending an outside event for NADC, it is vital that their best behaviour is displayed. 


NADC has a Zero tolerance to bullying. This includes and is not limited to verbal, physical and cyber bullying during or outside the dance studio. All instances of bullying must be brought to the attention of the studio owner and will be dealt with by necessary means. If bullying is still occurring, NADC reserves the right to instantly dismiss the student/parent from their of enrolment. Any money owing to the studio will still be required to be finalised. 

Photography & Video 

NADC requests that you respect others and do not take video footage or photograph any other child without parents permission, this includes all staff members. Videoing of class is strictly prohibited by parents unless invited to do so by studio owner or head teacher on duty.

Child safety

All our teachers at NADC hold current working with children checks provided by the NSW Police Department and hold relevant industry qualifications to ensure they are providing a safe environment during every class. 

NADC teachers and staff will strive to discourage unwanted behaviour and actions during class and at outside events to help provide a safe environment at all times. At no time, however, does NADC take responsibility for the behaviour and actions of students/siblings. 

A First Aid kit is available for the use of studio members. Please speak with head teacher on duty if required. 

Personal contact

At times, when deemed appropriate, NADC teachers may need to use personal contact for corrections or spotting of students. It is important to know that all teachers have been trained correctly how to administer appropriate levels of contact and can assure families crossed boundaries will not be made. 

NADC requests those who may be uncomfortable with this teaching style to inform studio owner and all attempts will be made to ensure each child is comfortable. 

In a case of emergency NADC may also be required to provide personal contact in order to administer First Aid. 

Class distribution

NADC will endeavour to ensure classes are not interrupted from their regular schedule. There may be on the odd occasion that NADC will be required to reschedule or change the time of a class and as much notice as possible will be given. If NADC is not able to provide a teacher for a class, that class and that class alone will be refunded as credit on students account. 

It is understood that some students may have a mobile phone to ensure parents are able to get in contact with their child. It is asked that students with a phone please hand them to their teacher to place on the teachers desk during class time. In the event of a parent needing to get in contact with a student during class time, please call the studio mobile on 0425 373 006. All students mobile phones will placed on silent and are not to be used during class. If required they may be used for videoing class choreography for personal use. 

Parent questions are great and NADC is always happy to help where they can with enquiries. It is asked that you revere your questions at the studio and call or email the studio owner during office office hours to prevent class disruption. Please help to minimise the amount of time spent transitioning between classes.

Social Media

Students and parents are not to post photos, videos or messages on any form of public social media without permission of the studio or of a derogative nature in regard to any student, teacher or visitors to our studio.

Social media messaging is also not allowed between student/parent and teacher/staff members.

Please respect our studio pride and ensure you seek approval before posting.


We respect the privacy of our members and the right not have have their information shared. 

NADC is committed to the safe collection of personal information and will by no means intentionally share sensitive details of our members with any third party or other member of the studio.

In the event of family separation or where by legal requirements are provided, NADC will not share information with others who may pose a legal or physical treat to current members of the studio.

NADC website is secured by the way of SSL certificate.


All custom costumes and choreography are subject to copyright and belong to NA Dance Company. They may not be used without prior consent from the studio owner and legal action will be taken if this is breached. 

Costumes and routines are not to be worn or used for any performance other than those organised and endorsed by NADC.

Codes of conduct

Code of ethics for dance teachers

factsheet #1

by Ausdance National in Professional business practice guides

🔗 ausdance.org.au/articles/details/code-of-ethics-for-dance-teachers

Code of ethics

  1. Studios will have clearly defined aims and goals. The benefits an individual student can expect to receive through the studio’s implementation of these aims and goals will be clearly stated.
  2. Studios will make sure that the school and its staff are capable of providing any services claimed.
  3. Studios will employ teaching staff with the experience, knowledge or qualifications required for the range of levels and techniques being taught. Student teachers will be trained and supervised to ensure the school’s teaching standards are maintained.
  4. Studios will provide assessment procedures and will make sure students and parents receive, or have access to, advice when necessary.
  5. Studios will conform to sound business practice and provide an efficient fee system.
  6. Studios and individual teachers will make sure class sizes are suitable for the levels and techniques being taught. Students in each class will be of a similar age or standard.
  7. Studio owners and individual teachers will make sure the studio has:
  • minimum safety and space requirements
  • suitable flooring, with a safe surface designed and constructed to minimise the risk of injury.
  1. Individual teachers will use effective and flexible teaching skills to create a productive learning environment. Individual teachers will:
  • strive to communicate a love of dance
  • show professional attitudes, including punctuality, reliability and responsible care of students
  • strive to develop self-discipline and self-motivation in the students
  • encourage and support the individual in the class situation
  • present general concepts of movement as well as those of a particular dance style.
  1. Individual teachers will recognise the role of dance in the development of the whole person. They will also seek to recognise and develop each student’s potential, whether it lies in dance or related fields, and offer appropriate guidance for further progress.
  2. Individual teachers will try to recognise physical variations, modifying their teaching and seeking medical advice when necessary. The teaching and choreography must be anatomically safe, and teachers must be prepared to deal with medical emergencies.
  3. Individual teachers will strive to develop in the students an appreciation of the characteristic style of each specific technique taught.
  4. Individual teachers will take responsibility for seeking more knowledge in all aspects of their work.

Parents’ code of behaviour

factsheet #2

by Ausdance National in Professional business practice guides

🔗 ausdance.org.au/articles/details/parents-code-of-behaviour

Perceived pressure to please parents can add to the stress (both positive and negative) of daily living and growing.

The code of behaviour for parents is intended to support you to reassure your child that dance is for enjoyment and that they are loved for themselves rather than for their achievements.

  1. If children are interested, encourage them to dance. Do not force them.
  2. Remember, children are dancing for their enjoyment, not yours.
  3. Encourage dance students to see live professional performances as often as possible.
  4. Don’t focus on winning. Focus instead on efforts and performance rather than the overall outcome of the examination, performance or audition.
  5. Help children to set realistic goals based on their individual ability and experience.
  6. Teach children that an honest effort is as important as a victory, so that the results of each examination or performance are accepted without too much disappointment.
  7. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or not passing an examination.
  8. Remember that children learn best by example. Applaud good performances by all of the performers.
  9. If you disagree with an examiner, adjudicator or critic, raise the issue through the appropriate channels rather than question the official’s judgment in public.
  10. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from dance activities.

Student etiquette

  1. Demonstrate respect for teachers, parents, staff and other students at all times.
  2. Arrive at least five minutes prior to your scheduled class. Latecomers may be refused entry, due to the risk of injury.
  3. Present to class in a tidy and well-groomed manner with hair tied back neatly off the face. Ballet buns are required for all ballet classes.
  4. Dance uniforms and dance shoes must be worn for classes, where specified. School uniform is not appropriate dance attire and therefore not permitted. Teachers may refuse entry to dancers not groomed appropriately.
  5. Bring a clearly named bottle of water to every class.
  6. Attend class regularly unless ill or injured, or in the event of a family emergency.
  7. Honour prior commitments made to the studio by attending classes, rehearsals and performances above other social events.
  8. Serve as a role model to younger dancers at all times, including appropriate language and behaviour.
  9. Mobile phones should be switched off or on silent mode and are not to be used during class, unless otherwise given permission.
  10. Put rubbish in the bins provided and clean up after yourself.
  11. Show respect and care for studio equipment and facilities.
  12. Always bring a positive attitude to the studio and into the classroom. Be sensitive to others in the way you speak and always be prepared to learn and work hard in each class.
  13. Ask for help if you need it – your teachers are here for you.