Fees, terms & conditions

Fees are subject to change (updated Dec 2023)

Lesson Fees for 2024

Term Instalments – 10 wks pro-rata
30 min class $130
45 min class $160
60 min class $190
90 min class $220

Capped $750 p/student*

30 min private $385
60 min private $700

*Excludes private lessons

Annual Registration Fee

Returning students $35.00
New students $65.00

Showcase Package Fees

Starting from $165.95 (tickets not included)

Early payment discount 5% of total fees (exlcuding private lessons & showcase package fees)

All prices are GST inclusive


Instalment Payment Dates

Term 1 Fri, 9th Feb
Term 2 Fri, 10th May
Term 3 Fri, 2nd Jul
Term 4 Fri, 25th Oct

Showcase Fees Fri, 1st Nov

To be eligible for early payment discount, payments must be made in full PRIOR to the commencement of each Term.

Weekly payment plans are available upon request and are processed every Friday until the amount due is finalised.

Cancellation fees will apply if 2 weeks notice prior to the following term instalment is not received.

More details contact

  • All students must complete a registration form before participating in any class/es. This can be accessed at nadanceco.com.au/enrol/.
  • Students may not undertake dance training at another dance school in any style offered at NA Dance Company while enrolled at NA Dance Company unless written consent has been received.
  • To finalise enrolment, parents/guardians must read and agree to all NA Dance Company policies and terms & conditions. In order to submit an online Registration Form, parents/guardians will need to indicate they have read and accept NA Dance Company policies.
  • ALL registrations are subject to a non-refundable Registration Fee of $65.00 for new students and $35.00 for returning per calendar year. This fee covers non-tuition essentials such as insurance, music licenses, studio communication, and administration.
  • Our fees structure is all-inclusive and is based on the number of classes a student takes per week. NA Dance Company accepts two payment terms – full term payment up-front or weekly payments. No other terms accepted.
  • Terms fees are due in full by the end of week 2, or every Friday of each week set out in the terms.
  • Full tuition will be posted to your account on the Parent Portal and a statement issued.
  • Payment can be made through our Parent Portal via credit card or by direct debit.
  • If students fees are not paid up-front as per agreement, students WILL NOT be admitted to class. NO exceptions.
Refunds & credits
  • There are NO REFUNDS on any missed lessons. If students miss a lesson they may make it up by attending another class (any style) at their level. NA Dance Company offers a money-back guarantee on all weekly lessons within the first week of registration. No refunds beyond the first week.
  • If a class is cancelled for unforseen circumstances by NA Dance Company, makeup lessons will be advised upon. If you are unable to attend the makeup lesson, missed class terms apply.
  • NA Dance Company is unable to refund any paid amounts from an Active or Creative Kids voucher.
  • New students starting the term prior to Week 2 will be charged full term fees, those starting from Week 2 and beyond will be charged on a pro-rated basis for the remainder of the year.
  • All students are auto enrolled in to each term throughout the year.
  • Students must opt-out in writting PRIOR to the last day of the term in order for auto enrolment to be cancelled.
  • If cancellation is not received prior to the end of the term, fees may still apply.
Code of conduct
  • Students are expected to observe NA Dance Company dress code, and standard of conduct and we reserve the right to discontinue classes for students that do not.
  • Families are expected to read the NA Dance Company Handbook and observe the standards and policies set forth therein. 
  • Family members in waiting areas must show respect for classes by being quiet and keeping children not in class under supervision at all times.
General liability release of claims
  • By registering, all parents and/or guardians agree to hold harmless from any and all liability NA Dance Company, its officers, employees and contractors both in their professional capacity and personally for all injury or illness resulting from or in any way connected with his/her participation in the classes, activities or special events at the studio. NA Dance Company assumes no responsibility for lost, misplaced, or stolen articles. Please put your name in all your belongings and do not leave valuables unattended.
Consent for medical treatment
  • I grant permission to the staff of NA Dance Company to take aid or emergency measures as judged necessary for the care and protection of my child while under the supervision of the studio. In case of a medical emergency, I understand that my child will be transported to an appropriate medical facility by the local emergency unit for treatment if the emergency unit deems it necessary. I understand that in some medical situations the staff will need to contact the emergency resource before the child’s parent, physician, and or other person acting on the parent’s behalf. I also understand and agree that the child’s parents or legal guardians shall be responsible for any expenses incurred.
Photo & video release
  • I give permission for NA Dance Company to take photos of me or my child while participating in studio activities for promotional purposes. Names of students will not be used or disclosed. Parents or legal guardians give permission to the studio to use photos and videos of their minor child without payment, in connection with the studio publication, advertising, and news coverage. 
  • I understand that for the safety of dancers and their families, any photos and/or videos of studio classes, rehearsals, and performances, including dances in studio costumes, will not be used, published, or posted publicly in electronic format without the express written permission of the studio and the director.
  • Parents or guardians who do not wish images of their child (17yrs or under) published should contact the director NAOMI ROBERTS on at info@nadanceco.com.au in strict confidence.
  • Recording of any classes is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the teacher. Any video taken must NOT be posted to any form of social media.

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