Creative/Active Kids Voucher


Like some help? Check out our simple step-by-step guide to enrolling online ⤵️
Please note; once your voucher has been proceeded, your enrolment will become finalised. Class fee’s that have not been covered by the voucher amount will be invoiced and sent via email.

Step-by-step enrolment guide

  1. Select the venue location you wish to enrol ( if using mobile, please click the grey hamburger icon ≡ to reveal location )
  2. Select the class/es you wish to enrol in from the timetable, including siblings if enrolling multiple students.
  3. Continue to enrollment
  4. Enter primary parent details followed by students ( to add multiple students, hit save then add as directed ).
  5. Assign classes to student if entering multiple students.
  6. Review details and terms and conditions, then submit for processing.