Tips to becoming a positive dancer

by NA Dance Co.

Jul 14, 2020

Positive dancers; do not compare themselves to others, they start class by choosing personal goals for their lesson, they acknowledge what they did well after class, and so pride in their attire letting them feel comfortable and confident!

Just one happy smile 😁 from a team of NADC faculty members who all resemble the definition of a “positive powerhouse” to us goes a long way in supporting positive mindset for our dancers.

Our educators always have a smile on their face, handle problems with grace, know that brighter days are coming, and most of all they inspire their students to stay hopeful in tough situations. They never lose their joy 🙌🏻.

Tips on becoming a positive dancer.

Photography copyright © NA Dance Co.

Learn how your child’s positive manner can soar in dance lessons.

We encourage our dances to power through with positive thoughts, keeping them focused on the positive things in our life.

“A good teacher is like a candle, they light the pathway of positivity for others” …

These are important practises in being a healthy dancer, and we challenge you to take part in them! Dancers, what else do you do to keep yourself motivated and inspired everyday?

Source credit: The Streamlined Studio

Learn how your child’s positive manner can soar in dance lessons.