Miss Naomi’s morning reflections

If I’m being honest, I was terrified when we opened the doors to our studio just 5 years ago. But I knew that there were so many possibilities waiting for us in Hassall Grove & Concord, that I simply could not say no to.

After taking a moment to look back through our social media, I’m so glad we have brought @nadanceco to life.

Miss Naomi’s morning reflections.

Photography copyright © NA Dance Co.

Join us on the journey.

I’ve been so blessed to serve many amazing students and families, one of who said this about our studio:

“I have the peace of mind that [my child] is in a safe and positive environment emotionally, a place that will nurture her confidence and passion for dance”.

And now with our faculty team expanding this year, I am so elated with what new opportunities are to come not only to grow our educational program for our families, but to help each #dancerintraining acknowledge their potential and become the best “self” they can be in life.

There’s so much joy in what we do at NA Dance Co. and for that I am so very thankful for all the selfless support given. Without that, this studio would not be possible.

Join us on the journey.