Lesson Schedule

3.30pm Tiny Tots Ballet (W/ Miss Naomi) ZOOM ID: 176-043-027
4.00pm Jnr Jazz (W/ Miss Naomi) ZOOM ID: 309-992-059
4.45pm Level 1 / 2 Acro (W/ Miss Maddy) ZOOM ID: 271-638-005
5.30pm Level 3 / 4 Acro (W/ Miss Naomi) ZOOM ID: 318-771-779
6.15pm Cheer (W/ Miss Naomi) ZOOM ID: 533-020-660
7.00pm Pre-Teen / Snr Jazz (W/ Miss Caitlin) ZOOM ID: 353-921-638

3.45pm Mini Jazz (W/ Miss Maddy) ZOOM ID: 379-278-239
4.15pm Mini Tap (W/ Miss Maddy) ZOOM ID: 394-666-271
4.45pm Jnr Tap (W/ Mr Aaron) ZOOM ID: 903-478-287
5.30pm Private (Booked) ZOOM ID: 855-949-095
6.15pm Adults Tap (W/ Mr Aaron) ZOOM ID: 834-208-572
7.15pm Adults Jazz (W/ Miss Naomi) ZOOM ID: 483-982-943
8.00pm Private (Booked) ZOOM ID: 667-766-588

See emails for Zoom links & password details. Zoom ID can be used by entering with the app, password will be required to enter.

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