How does a ballet uniform enhance the learning of our Once Upon a Ballet™ dancers?



Stepping into a classroom ready to learn is by far the most effective way to gain the most from a dance lesson.

As a studio who aims to provide excellence in education, our wish for our students is to gain the most they can from our programs. And we strongly believe that having a uniform policy helps aid in achieving this outcome.

By wearing a uniform we believe that our #dancersintraining feel a sense of pride and inclusion when they first enter the classroom. By doing this, we build a classroom environment that holds respect for themselves, their fellow class members and their teachers.

Primary Ballet exam, RAD Headquaters Sydney

Photograph by Naomi Roberts

As a provider of safe dance practises it is paramount to our teachers that our classroom environment is safe for our tiny dancers to explore their movement fully. It is also important to ensure our dancers movements are clearly seen and free of distraction in order to keep our tiny dancers safe during their lesson.

“It provides a level playing field for all students and aids concentration in class”. 

– Emma Taylor

Another aspect of uniform that needs to be considered is sizing. We understand as our tiny dancers grow up very fast, ballet shoes will need to be replaced with bigger sizes. It is important when buying new ballet shoes that you don’t over size to allow for growth. This leaves the shoe gapping on the child’s feet and can cause the child to slip over while moving around the room. Please keep this in mind when buying ballet shoes. NA Dance Company recommends buying Bloch Dansoft which already have the elastic shown on for you.

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We will embrace your child from beginner technique right through to advanced levels through our highly engaging program, allowing your child’s abilities to blossom. Our focus is on building a solid technical background for all dancers, while encouraging each student to explore new & exciting choreographic styles/genres that are current & trendy. 


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