Ballet inspires

dreams, friendship, imagination & strength.


Imagine seeing your child 

light up

with joy as they learn the foundations of classical ballet.

Inspired by kind and caring educators who will connect and engage with your child in the most inspiring way.

Let’s introduce your child to

Once Upon a Ballet™ lessons are based on early childhood development research and are story-based to capture your child’s attention and imagination.

The curriculum and activities will help your child dance in a way that will spark their imagination and allow them to leave class excited for the next week.

My daughter loves coming to class each week. She loves that she gets to be a part of the fairy tale as she learns ballet.
Megan ( mother )

How will your child benefit from a pre-school ballet program?

Did you know ballet provides more benefits to children than just the joy of movement? Here are seven simple benefits of pre-ballet classes for young children:

Ballet classes will stretch a child’s imagination as they dance the roles of different characters in ballet class
Ballet keeps children moving, which is important and beneficial to the growth and development of their bodies. It helps them to stay active, release extra energy, improve muscle development, and increase cardiovascular and overall health.
It relieves stress. Yes, even young children can be stressed. Dance boosts endorphins and has a meditative quality. It’s even been called “moving meditation”!
Dancing doesn’t just exercise the body; it also exercises the brain! And in ballet class, we also listen to classical music, also boosting brainpower.
Ballet is good for self-esteem and confidence.
Even small children begin to learn self-discipline as they learn to follow directions and to try their best in class.
It’s fun! Children get to act out roles as they are dancing. Who doesn’t want to be a fairy or a princess?

Love to see your child inspired?

Located in Concord


58 Brays Road ( Point Church Anglican )

Wednesdays 12.00 – 12.30 PM
Saturdays 9.45 – 10.15 AM

Note; times above are subject to change and availability. Bookings are essential.

Meet our educators

And find out why we love and recommend Once Upon a Ballet at NA Dance Co.

Leading our youngest dancers through their ballet journey is extremely important and that is why we have specialised educators who work with our youngest.

Miss Naomi
( Studio owner )

Miss Kristi
( Senior educator )

Both Miss Naomi & Miss Kristi started dancing from a very young age and instantly feel in love with ballet. Trained by renouned classical tutors at the McDonald College, Sydney NSW where Miss Naomi attended as a high-school classical ballet student and Miss Kristi as an After Hours ballet student.

Miss Naomi is our studio owner at NA Dance Company and also our prinicpal ballet teacher, who holds teaching status with the Royal Academy of Dance and life-time membership with Once Upon a Ballet™.

Would you love to see your child inspired to dream, build new friendships, use their imagination and grow strength?

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Experience the magic of ballet with one of our educators who take pride in their ability to connect, care for and show compassion to all our dancers in a small setting giving each child the attention they deserve.

NA Dance Company is centrally located on Brays Road in Concord, only minutes from local pre-schools, cafes, shopping, Breakfast Point and Majors Bay Road.

Street parking is available or a small private car park behind the building, entering from Anderson Road.

“Miss Naomi is such a great dance teacher, very sweet and has so much patience with the little ones.”


– Michelle ( mother )