NA Dance Co. offers a unique opportunity for dancers to attend a studio where the teachers truly embrace each dancer’s dream through engaging ones individual talent. 

Delivering a family-friendly environment that seeks to place our dancers needs as top priority, were we warmly welcome each new member to our extended dance family/community. With the aid of our industry professional & qualified teachers each dancer builds their own journey to success. 

NA Dance Co. strongly believes, with a committed approach, a specialised dance program can:

  • Aid in building confident social & team skills
  • Aid in developing creative & positive mindsets
  • Promote a safe health & fitness environment
  • Aid in teaching goal setting & determination
  • Develops correct dance technique & conditioning

Our studio owner & principal teacher Naomi Roberts ( Adams ) is committed to aiding each #dancerintraining in achieving their best within the classroom, on stage & in life. She understand how precious each individual is & strives to provide staff who encourage a healthy self-confidence. 

NA Dance Co. is committed to providing a child-safe environment by continually assessing and re-developing programs to meet guidelines set out by the Office of Children’s Guardianship.



Offering a wide variety of dance classes, NA Dance Co. tailor builds each family’s experience to gain the most benefit for their #dancersintraining. Combining a love for dance and a passion for quality education, NADC provides a path for all ages and all levels ( beginner through elite ).

  • Classical ballet ( Recreation & RAD Exams )
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Cheerleading
  • Acro Dance
  • Lyrical/Contemporary
  • Privates for competition
  • Showgroup performances




NADC strives to achieve the following:

  • friendly environment
  • individuals can grow
  • solid learning development provided
  • critical thinking skills, breaking down steps
  • problem solving
  • team building skills
  • leadership
  • guide children through a training program


At NADC we promote a positive learning environment which provides the children with the skills to assist in personal development. Classes highlight the importance of being active and healthy, whilst teaching the students individual creativity.

Our class have been put together to follow learning outcomes that not only teaches positive affirmation through kinetic movement but also provides a solid importance on the theory of safe dance.

  • keep kids healthy, importance of being active
  • create articulation with body shapes
  • interacting with peers – enhances students confidence
  • teaching kids to learn to move
  • encouraging positive affirmation through kinetic movement
  • teaching release of individual creativity
  • providing with skills to assist in personal development
  • learning musical, about the body and how to dance safe!
  • teaching theory, providing a well rounded learning program

We will embrace your child from beginner technique right through to advanced levels through our highly engaging program, allowing your child’s abilities to blossom. Our focus is on building a solid technical background for all dancers, while encouraging each student to explore new & exciting choreographic styles/genres that are current & trendy. 


Add: Concord / Hassall Grove NSW
Phone: 0425 373 006



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